Wild Irishman Three Colleens Pinot Noir 2008 Central Otago

Just back from my first game of football in a while, so it’s time for a glass of wine. Tonight’s tipple is a good one – my comfort drinking – Kiwi Pinot Noir. It’s from Central Otago pioneer, and Irish ex-pat, Alan Brady, and it’s from the cool Gibbston subregion. (That’s cool as in thermal, not hipster.)

Wild Irishman Three Colleens Pinot Noir 2008 Central Otago, New Zealand
13.5% alcohol. This is a very fresh, elegant expression of Central Otago Pinot Noir, made from a young block of vines at 450 m altitude in the already cold Gibbston subregion. The nose shows fresh cherry fruit with nice warm spice and herb complexity. The palate is fresh and elegant with a nice green sappiness alongside ripe, quite textured, sweet cherry and berry fruits. It’s very drinkable and quite complex, leaning towards a lighter, more elegant style of Pinot, which I like. Might be worth chilling this down just a touch to get the most from it. Serious effort. 92/100 (£23.50 The Real Wine Company)

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4 comments to Wild Irishman Three Colleens Pinot Noir 2008 Central Otago

  • Alan Brady

    Thanks Jamie. Understated wines are often misunderstood in a world of power winemaking. At this stage of my career I have the luxury of allowing the site to determine style. Gibbston is all about suppleness and elegance. The wines are lighter but as you observe, the structure is there. And don’t be fooled by Gibbston’s cool(er) climate. With good viticulture we rarely fail to get physiological ripeness. Our hang time is longer than Bannockburn by three weeks, and it’s only 15 km away. The Three Colleens vineyard is higher than others in the valley but so far has remained frost free,
    Alan Brady

  • Alan, thanks for the comment. I went back after a day, then after three days, and the wine was tasting superb. I think it is a lovely elegant style that you are making.

  • Simon T

    As a marketing idea Alan, perhaps you should send a case to Mr W Rooney of Lancashire. I’m sure there are not ennough Colleens in his world and he is clearly a Wild (3rd/4th generation) Irishman !

    Clearly it would be a really crap Marketing idea as everything about your beautiful wine is at odds with the footballer – Parker would love him though !

  • Alan B

    I agree Simon. The subtelty of pinot might elude Mr Rooney. On the other hand it has seduced some tough nuts over the centuries, Parker excluded probably.

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