Pulled pork, beer and Pinot Noir

Last night I finally got to try a pulled pork sandwich. It’s a North Carolina speciality, and it’s delicious, but my portion was big enough for two. I ate it all though. It’s made of shredded barbecued, smoked pork that has previously been rubbed with spices, and then treated with a vinegar sauce after pulling.

I washed this down with two local ales. The Carolina Brewing Company Carolina Pale Ale (nice, fresh and hoppy, with good balance), and the Big Boss Brewing Company Angry Angel (like a lager with some flavour, a Kolsch style beer – I’d tried their Hell’s Belle Belgian style beer on my previous trip here).

And I also drunk some of the bottle of wine that I’d bought in the airport. It’s the Vidal Pinot Noir 2009 Hawkes Bay, New Zealand. This is from a single vineyard (Keltern) in the Maraekakaho sub region of Hawkes Bay, which isn’t really known as a Pinot Noir region. This is a nice wine, with lots of fruit and some spicy dark cherry and blackberry character that reminds me a bit of cool climate Syrah. Great for the price, but not your usual Kiwi Pinot Noir – much bigger in size.

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  • Suzanne

    As a native North Carolinian who has been living in Paris for the past 10 years, I more than feel your pain on those long-haul flights, particularly those on US airlines. I hope that you have recovered from the jet lag and that you are finding North Carolina to be as hospitable as its reputation. And if you get the chance to taste some NC wines, try to be kind. 😉 I think the potential is there (I hear particularly good things about the Yadkin Valley) but there’s still quite a bit of work to do for most vineyards in my experience. I have definitely had some good ones but it’s a bit hit or miss for the moment. In any case, have a great time and sop up the South!

  • Kris

    I wondered what Pinot doing in Hawkes Bay ?

    Ps. I’m a fan of Vidal Syrah

  • Ben Smith

    Look forward to seeing a supersized Jamie on your return then!

  • william beavington

    anyone know where you can get good pulled pork in london? sounds seriously yummy!!!

  • Vidal Pinot really taste good. I had a chance to drink it just once before but I’d already love its taste and scent. It is really refreshing.

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