Nicking a name, presumably inadvertently: Koru Sauvignon Blanc

A while back I reported here on boutique Marlborough (NZ) producer Koru. Owned by Jasper and Sarah Raats, they make small quantities of high quality Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc. Their wines are fantastic. On their website, they talk about how they took great care in choosing the name Koru.

Imagine my surprise when at the Asda press tasting yesterday I caught sight of Koru Sauvignon Blanc. But rather than being a £20 boutique wine, it was a bulk-shipped Marlborough Sauvignon, bottled in the UK by D&D Wines International, and labelled as Koru. I don’t think for a minute that D&D tried to nick Koru’s name; I suspect they didn’t check very hard whether the name was already in use. Anyway, the bulk-shipped Koru is £7.98, with, I imagine, some room for promotional price movement, perhaps down to £5.

While consumers are unlikely to be confused by the two wines, it’s clearly not fair on the original Koru for someone else to be using the same name on a wine from the same region.

NOTE ADDED LATER: D&D have contacted me and told me that they registered Koru as a trademark in the UK a few years ago.

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