Man O’War and my duplicate notes

Just written up my notes from July’s visit to Man O’War on Waiheke Island, New Zealand. It was a memorable visit on a gorgeously sunny winter’s day, and Waiheke is incredibly scenic.

The report (which you can read here) contains duplicated tasting notes. I tasted through the range at the London trade fair in May (in non-ideal conditions – a busy trade fair), and then tasted most of the same wines again when I visited (in a beautiful setting, with plenty of time to take notes, over an al fresco lunch).

So it is interesting to compare the notes, which I’ve reproduced as written, with just minimal editing for style, and no retrospective score alterations. The concordance is quite good, considering the different conditions when I tasted the wines. It’s always useful to know how much variance there is in a score when one is given.

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