Great value, biodynamic, natural wines from Nuova Cappelletta in Piemonte

Tasted these three attractively priced wines from online retailer Piemonte Wines recently. They are from biodynamic estate Nuova Cappelletta, and two of them are made with no added sulfur dioxide. The prices indicated are valid to the end of the month.

Nuova Cappelletta Cortese Piemonte 2010 Italy
13% alcohol. No added sulfites. Full yellow colour. Rich, warm ripe nose of pear, apple and melon, with some mandarin notes. Fresh and complex. The palate is lively and taut with notes of mandarin, lemon, nuts and spice. Nicely mineral with good acidity. Remarkably fresh considering the lack of added sulfur dioxide. 91/100 (£9.99 Piemonte Wines)

Nuova Cappelletta Barbera del Monferrato ‘Minola’ 2008 Italy
15% alcohol. Savoury, spicy, taut and a little earthy with warm plum and berry fruits. Grippy tannins combine with warm, slightly hot alcohol and grippy, drying tannins. An intriguing wine in a food-friendly style. 89/100 (£11.99 Piemonte Wines)

Nuova Cappelletta  Barbera del Monferrato ‘SSA 500’ 2010 Italy
No added sulfites. Wonderfully vivid, spicy and intense black fruits with freshness and a slightly prickly edge. Vivid and zippy with some tannic grip. Bright black cherry and plum fruit as well as good acidity. A fabulous wine for drinking young. 91/100 (£9.99 Piemonte Wines)

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