A delicious high-end Bardolino from Guerrieri Rizzardi

guerrieri rizzardo tacchetto

This was interesting. Most of the Bardolinos I try are cheap, light red wines that serve a purpose but don’t justify extensive tasting notes. This is a high-end take on Bardolino that’s quite elegant and tasty. A bit expensive? But delicious.

Guerrieri Rizzardi Tacchetto 2010 Bardolino Classico, Veneto, Italy
A blend of Corvina, Rondinello and Merlot. Pale-coloured, aromatic and fruity with sappy, leafy cherry fruit. Quite sweetly fruited with some liqueur-like notes. It’s a nicely elegant lighter style of red wine with nice texture, freshness and purity. Impressive. 90/100 (£14.50 Fortnum & Mason)

Note added later: I may have underrated this slightly – two days after opening, it’s just fabulous and mineral; quite natural tasting.

2 comments to A delicious high-end Bardolino from Guerrieri Rizzardi

  • A ha! The teenage Vinogirl’s favourite red!

  • Ben_SF

    I always love a good Bardolino. Love it when they have that underlying backbone of minerality to support the joyously bright fruit. In an unrelated note, I see a bottle of Mullineux hiding behind the Bardolino there. What did you think of that wine? Is that the Chenin or the Syrah-based blend? I absolutely love the Mullineux Chenin (probably my current favorite out of South Africa right now–even better that the Ken Forrester FMC). As for their reds I think I prefer their cheaper Kloof Street wine over the Mullineux label, which I found to be a bit overbearing. Would love to hear your thoughts on the wine.

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