A brilliant Falanghina for very little money

asda extra special falanghina 2010 puglia

It’s useful to have a stock of wines that cost relatively little, but which taste really good. This is one of those Tuesday night wines. It’s a Falanghina from the southern tip of Italy, and it delivers.

Asda Extra Special Falanghina 2010 Puglia, Italy
12% alcohol. Full yellow colour. Rich and exotic with pungent melon and pear fruit as well as a subtle nuttiness. Powerful and spicy, with some tangerine and nectarine notes. Very stylish and intense with good acidity. 88/100 (£6.48 Asda)

1 comment to A brilliant Falanghina for very little money

  • andy wood

    Tried to pick up a couple of bottles of this at Llanelli Town Asda store only to be told that ‘it was withdrawn from the shelves yesterday’. No explanation as to why this was the case!

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