A lovely, affordable Greek white wine from Hatzidakis

£10 in your pocket, and looking to pop some white wine? You can’t do much better than this. It’s from Santorini: I’ve never been, but apparently the vines are grown in some of the most unusual and distinctive ways you can imagine (see this google image search for examples), in the island’s volcanic soils.

Hatzidakis Santorini 2012 Greece
13.5% alcohol. Mostly Assyrtiko, this has lovely aromatics of pear, white peach, citrus, wax and herbs. The palate is concentrated, fresh and citrussy with some spice as well as some peachy richness. Very lively with lovely weight and personality, and some subtle toasty notes in the background. Very fine. 92/100 (£9.95 The Wine Society)

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  • I visited Santorini a few years ago, did a winery tour, and brought some wine back. I have three memories: 1. The vines were down on the ground from the wind–they seemed to grow sideways!! 2. I liked the whites best and then only if they were very cold–they were on the order of Mexican whites, which I drank in the wild summer heat of Puerto Vallarta once. Yes, I should have had beer!! 3. I got locked in the bathroom and the bus almost left without me and my wine:/ P.S. The winery folks were lovely–really warm and welcoming. Worth the journey.

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