Some traditional Portuguese food and Graham 1980

I’m in sunny Porto, heading off to the Douro today where vintage 2011 is just starting. So, snatching a few minutes on free wifi (all hotels should offer this) in the lobby, a brief account of last night’s dinner.

It was at O Carteiro (55 Rua Senhor da Boa Morte), a traditional Portuguese restaurant. The food was hearty and quite tasty, even if it did look quite rustic. I really enjoyed it.

Pictured top: alheara (game sausage) – it’s one of the most delicious things in all of Portugal. Below is acorda, which is bread with coriander, shrimps, tomato and an egg – it looks bad but tastes great, with the abundant coriander lifting the flavour.

Below, we have an octupus rice dish. This was good rather than great. Then at the bottom, timbal – a sort of pie with pastry over mixed game – wild boar, venison, partridge. Wholesome and delicious.

Finally, Graham’s 1980. This is a superb vintage Port from a year that was underrated at the time of its release. It has aged perfectly, and still has lots of life left in it. Drinking beautifully now.

3 comments to Some traditional Portuguese food and Graham 1980

  • Agree 100% on 1980s. Warre has long been a favourite. I think today, 1980s on the whole show better than 1983s and 1985s, two vintages rated higher initially.
    Did you just order that 1980 from the list? IME it’s rare for a restaurant in Portugal to list that sort of wine.

  • No we brought it with us – I was with Henry Shotton, the Malvedos winemaker

  • Ewan Murray

    Agreed re the Ports – Graham’s, Dow’s and Taylor’s (plug alert: all currently on The Wine Society’s list) are “à point.”

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