In Tampere, Finland, for a wine symposium


I’m in Tampere – Finland’s third largest city, on an isthmus between two lakes. It’s described as the Manchester of Finland, because of its industrial past. And in the gorgeous August sunshine, it looks quite nice.


I’m here for the Wine Symposium, which has been organized by the Finnish Sommeliers Association. Yesterday was Day 1, and I had three two hour lectures to deliver. I’ve never done this sort of intense lecturing before, but I think it went OK and I didn’t even come close to running out of things to say.


Today’s program is a bit easier on me: just one 2.5 h lecture. But there will be wines to taste. I’m looking forward to listening to someone else talk! And I’m on a panel, too.


It has been great to meet some really nice people. After the symposium we had a long, fun evening in Gastropub Tuulensuu, which has a truly incredible selection of self-imported Belgian beers, including some epic Geuezes and Lambics. More later!

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