In San Sebastian

san sebastian1


How come I have not been here before? San Sebastian is a beautiful city.


I am here for, which is a remarkable three day gastronomic festival with an amazing line-up of chefs. The theme this year is London, and so many of the top names from London are here this week that you may as well give up on high-end dining in London until at least Thursday, when most will have found their way home.


Richard and Xavier

I was here to give a talk about authentic wine. Other wine people include Richard Hemming, Sarah Jane Evans and Xavier Rousset. For lunch, Richard, Xavier and I headed into town to a tapas joint called Ganbara ( in the old town. It was a great recommendation, and we had some brilliant food, washed down with beer, then Manzanilla, then Godello (Rafael Palacios).



Prawns and white asparagus




Mushrooms and foie gras, a speciality here


Hake cheeks and Godello


3 comments to In San Sebastian

  • Great city. But the weather can be challenging being quite un-Spanish. I had a friend spent the summer there and there were only rare occasions that the weather was good enough for the beach. It’s not called ‘green Spain’ for nothing.

  • The mushrooms and foie gras looks like the ultimate breakfast platter to me.

  • all those dishes look so yummy! any special wine you’d recommend for them?I’m going to a Spanish wine tasting event and I want to be on the lookout for some nice wine to go with squid and prawns (I love seafood! and wine :D)

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