In Hungary, day 2, and a visit to the Abbey Winery in Pannonhalma

Another full day of judging Hungarian wines. We spent the morning finishing tasting all 300 in our groups of three and then in the afternoon joined together, to retaste all the wines that had got through the cut.

John Szabo

It’s a great way of judging because we all get to taste all the good wines. My favourites included a really vivid Kekfrankos and a hauntingly beautiful, peppery Syrah. In general, the Hungarian varieties have done better than the international ones, however.

John Szabo, Laszlo Romsics and Tara Q Thomas

After judging, a few of us chose to visit the Benedictine Abbey here in Pannonhalma, which has its own winery. Pannonhalma is actually a wine region, and has 650 hectares of vines. The Abbey is the biggest wine producer in the region with 52 hectares, and they do a good job, making lovely precise, pure wines.


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