In Barcelona

Quick post from the road. Staying in Barcelona at the gorgeous Dubai-style five star W hotel. View from the room, on the 22nd floor, is amazing. Alas, only here for one night.

Also pictured: the strange cocoons here in the dockyard area, protecting the over-wintering superyachts.

Today I do my first Cava visit. Hope it’s going to be interesting.

4 comments to In Barcelona

  • Steve

    Cava is not a place, it’s a name for a type of sparkling wine originally aged in cellars or caves. called ‘cavas’ in Spanish. Presumably you’re off to Penedes where most of that wine is manufactured.
    I can’t believe I’m writing such elementary stuff to a pro. But then I can’t believe someone is paying to take you to a place that doesn’t exist. All very Borgesian- are you sure this is above board, or have you been kidnapped? This is why you should always declare who’s paying. In case Interpol are required.

  • Barcelona is a wonderful city, I have drunk many a glass of Cava there…

  • Steve, that is a fair point. Very sloppy of me. It’s a Freixenet trip to their facility in Penedes.

  • …protecting the super yachts from what(!)

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