Chile day 1: Bio Bio

First proper day in Chile. We’ve spent it in Bio Bio, a cool-climate region down south. This morning was spent in the vineyards here, owned by Veranda/Corpora. They’ve been busy planting a lot of Pinot Noir, in particular, but also have Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay, plus a bit of Malbec.

We saw some remarkable young vineyards, including one planted at 13500 vines per hectare, with each vine planted on individual stakes, on a hillside. It’s called Renaico, named after the river it looks down to.

We followed the vineyard visits with a session boating on the Bureo River, which runs alongside the Miraflores vineyards. I’m shortly heading off for a horse-ride. It’s not all hard work. Tonight we hot tub!

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