Tour Trencavel's Plecandou - a Minervois with no sulfur dioxide added

Tour Trencavel Plecandou

I really liked this wine. It’s unusual in that it is a natural wine, with no sulfur dioxide added, but which is made by a producer who focuses on conventionally made wines in Minervois. Normally, natural wines are made by people who’ve turned away from conventional winemaking entirely. It’s a living wine that has a really attractive personality, as well as some edges, too.

Domaine Tour Trencavel Plécandou 2010 Minervois, France
13% alcohol. There’s a hint of smoky reduction on the slightly funky nose here, as well as sweet black fruits. The palate is very pure, though, with lush, almost liqueur-like cherry, plum and blackberry fruit. There are some savoury, spicy characters, too. It’s a wine that seems to move around a bit in the glass, with different facets emerging and then receding with time. Supple and not overdone, it’s a delicious wine for drinking young. 90/100 (£11.75 The Real Wine Company)

3 comments to Tour Trencavel’s Plecandou – a Minervois with no sulfur dioxide added

  • John Keatings

    Sulfur ? It was always Sulphur when I did my Chemistry degree. But in fact you are right – the Royal Society of Chemistry has announced that we in the UK should use the American spelling Sulfur rather than Sulphur ‘to avoid confusion’. Eh ?

  • Mark T

    Not something we here in the city of the dreaming spires are going along with, for the moment at least.

  • Yes, when I was a science editor I had to use ‘sulfur’ even though our house style was English spelling – it’s IUPAC guidelines I think

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