Lunch at the Anchor and Hope, with a lovely Languedoc red

Very enjoyable lunch today at famed gastropub the Anchor and Hope, on The Cut, within a few long strides of Waterloo Station.

It was my first time here, and I came away impressed. It’s everything a gastropub should be, with a rustic interior, a no reservations policy, and honest, well-prepared, interesting food at sensible prices.

I started with a terrine that was almost perfect (pictured), and followed it up with a robust shank of venison on some celeriac mash. It was perfectly cooked – tender, melting chunks of meat.

To drink? A brilliantly delicious, spicy, peppery, savoury Languedoc red – Mas des Chimeres Cuvee Marie et Joseph 2008, a vin de pays du Coteaux du Salagon. There’s fruit here (this is a varietal carignan), but it’s not an overly fruity wine, and the spicy bite makes it a hugely drinkable food companion. Guilhem Darde makes a range of wines (see the Mas des Chimeres website) and on the basis of this bottle, I think I have to check them out.

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  • Mas des Chimeres is a lovely wine and both their reds and whites were poured at our Montpeyroux wedding week. The winemaker is a good friend of our friends, the Fadats of Dom. d’Aupilhac and Chimeres is one of their favorites too.

    We don’t find alot of it here in the USA but when I find some, I usually buy a few bottles.

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