Another cracker from the Southwest of France: Domaine du Merchien JAS

Domaine du Merchien is owned by a Brits David and Sarah Meakin, who moved to the southwest of France (Coteaux de Quercy) to farm and make wine. This wine, JAS, is a blend of one-third each Jurancon Noir, Abouriou and Syrah. Website:

Domaine du Merchien JAS 2008 Vin de Pays du Lot
Deep red/black colour. Lovely edgy aromatic nose with notes of gravel, blood, black fruits and iron. The palate is midweight and fresh with lovely grippy, gravelly tannins, and fresh berry and cherry fruits. It’s fresh and supple, and although the tannins are quite pronounced, they seem to add to the freshness of the wine rather than make it austere or rustic. Full of regional flavour. 90/100 (£11.25 The Sampler)

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  • Jem

    I am really glad you like it. Having been good friends for many years and picked the grapes in that bottle (!), this is a great Xmas present for them.

    Sadly, my last bottle of 2006 JAS went some time ago otherwise I’d send you one to compare. If you think the tannins are ‘quite pronounced’ in the 2008, the 2006 was a much more surly beast with alot more depth but still lovely. The locals cant get enough of it.

    To me, the big difference Chez Meakin, along with quality winemaking and attention to detail, was their conscious effort with all the 2008’s to reduce the alcohol level by 1%/1.5%. This has made the wines more approachable and in some respects, softer; more in keeping with the english palate yet retaining a very distinctive and atypical style.

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