A tasty Malbec from the Loire

I was interested by this wine. Really modern packaging, and use of the variety name Malbec rather than the normal Touraine name for this grape, Cot. It’s riper than the average Loire red, a category of wines that I’m unusually drawn to.

Jean Francois Merieau Malbec Cent Visages 2009 Touraine, Loire
12% alcohol. Very modern packaing with an unusual bottle shape. Lovely sweet, supple, enticing red wine with aromas of black cherries, plums and blackcurrants, and a subtle but pleasant green note. The palate is ripe and sweet, supple and textured with smooth black cherry fruit. It’s almost liqueur-like. Modern yet fresh and very stylish, and after a while in the glass some peppery notes emerge. 91/100 (£14.95 Caviste)

3 comments to A tasty Malbec from the Loire

  • A very interesting variety for the Loire, helped here by a great vintage for Loire reds.

  • Garry Bonser

    Went to the winery in the summer and bought a case of this wine and their excellent Sauvignon Blanc.Gave a bottle to a mate who drank it at the weekend and he was very impressed-I value his views on wine. I love it and will be going back for more.

  • I’ve got a bottle of Malbec in my wine cellar, looks like it’s time for me to open it and taste this wine!

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