Chile day 2: Apalta

After the jolly jaunts of day 1 (proper) in Chile, yesterday was spent in a more rigorous manner in the Apalta vineyards of Vina Ventisquero. I’m very short of time, so all I’ll say for now is that we learned a great deal about terroir from a consultant, Pedro Parra, who holds a PhD in the subject, and tried some really impressive wines in an extensive series of tastings.

Pangea, the top red, is a Syrah made in conjunction with John Duval – we tasted a vertical of all the vintages (2004-2008), as well as the impressive ‘Grey’ wines, and two exclusives: the first wines from a new region, Huasca, in the Attacama desert up north.

Pictured top: Emma, Chris and Peter in the back of an old Chilean army truck.

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