A lovely Chilean Gewurztraminer

Gewurztraminer is a funny grape. Usually, I like it in small doses. It can be just a bit too distinctive. But I did once have lunch with someone who was suffering from a Gewurztraminer-induced hangover. Anyway, this is a really good Chilean example of this grape variety. Brilliant balance.

Maiden Flight Gewurztraminer 2010 Casablanca Valley, Chile
13.5% alcohol. Made by Cono Sur. Lovely, rich aromatics: melon, peach, grape. The palate is textured with a hint of sweetness. Broad and lively with good acidity. Sophisticated stuff and quite serious. 90/100 (£8.90 Tanners)

4 comments to A lovely Chilean Gewurztraminer

  • Matthew

    Are Gerwurztraminer-hangovers especially remorseless?

  • No, it’s just that they’re so unusual. I can’t imagine drinking enough Gewurz to have a sore head the next day.

  • Doug

    Maybe not. I’ve once drunk a shedload of Gewurz with MSG-heavy Chinese food and paid the consequence. Don’t know if it was the Gewurz, the MSG or the serious high sulphites that got me!

  • Steve

    It was the alcohol, I expect. The MSG/bad head thing is a myth invented by racist Americans which has somehow crossed the pond, a local trope like the fear of MMR jabs here and that weird Korean belief that leaving a fan running overnight in a bedroom equals certain death.

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