Looking forward to the fourth grand blind new year Champagne tasting!

So looking forward to tonight’s blind new year Champagne tasting. Now in its fourth installment, it features brother-in-law Beavington, known as Beaver by his work colleagues, and I, tasting a large number of Champagnes, single blind.

This means we know what is coming, but don’t know what order they turn up in. We film it, and a surprising number of viewers have watched this rather lengthy, self-indulgent, mildly drunken spectacle unfold.

This year, this list is looking like this:

Bollinger Grande Annee 2004
Veuve Clicquot La Grande Dame 1998
Champagne Le Mesnil Blanc de Blancs 2004
Champagne Pierre Darcys Brut NV (purchased this morning for £10 from Asda)
Ridgeview 2009 England
Jacquart Brut de Nominee NV (mainly 1996 vintage)
R&L Legras
Delamotte Blanc De Blancs
Philipponnat NV
Larmandier Bernier 2005
Nyetimber Classic 2006 England
One other TBC

It will be interesting to see how the ringers do. In previous years, they have fared badly, to the extent we have given up including new world fizz and Cava (it is not that they are bad; they are just so different). We’re persisting with England though.

Previous installments:




4 comments to Looking forward to the fourth grand blind new year Champagne tasting!

  • Frankie Cook

    Looking forward to this! A few comments:

    – Le Mesnil BdB is great value IMO, and quite a distinctive flavour profile, so should stand out.
    – Hope Veuve Clicquot La Grande Dame shows better than the NV in previous years!
    – I see you are excluding New World fizz – have you previously had any good Tazzie or Marlborough fizz in the mix before?

  • keith prothero

    would sooner visit my dentist

  • Bob Parsons

    All ready to go over here, one of my yearly highlights!

    Bob Alberta


    Really looking forward to it. : )

    I bet the English fizz bombs again. It should be mentioned that most merhcants have rolled on to the 1998 LGD.

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