Should we take pictures of food and wine in restaurants?

I love instagram and twitter. And facebook. Wouldn’t it be great if one day I didn’t need to do any proper work – just taking instagrams, writing tweets, posting to facebook. That would be epic! I am moving towards it, little by little.

What’s that? I heard you: this Goode chap doesn’t do any proper work [...]

Advice for young winewriters

I try to be a helpful sort of guy. Now that I have climbed the first few rungs of the wine writing ladder, I’m occasionally asked for advice about how to start out writing about wine. And unlike the last post I wrote on the topic – how to succeed as a wine writer by [...]

Reasons to be optimistic

I was originally going to write today about things in the world of wine that worried me. For example, I’m anxious that wine shouldn’t be so expensive that normal people can’t afford interesting wine. I’m also worried that the high-point-scoring critics will win the day and those of us who like to actually write, as [...]

Does 100 point thinking poison the mind?

I remember when I started getting interested in wine. This was in the early 1990s, before the internet. A friend had a copy of one of the early editions of Parker’s Wine Buyer’s Guide, which I pored over. The sweet spot for me was the ’86A’ bracket of wines: in those days 86 was a [...]

How to succeed as a wine writer by writing boring wine articles

Most wine writing in wine magazines is boring and formulaic. What does that tell us? A logical conclusion to draw is that if you want to be a successful published wine writer then you need to learn how to write boring, formulaic wine articles, because this is clearly what the market is looking for.

So I’m [...]

Wine writers ripping off wineries, a disturbing trend

A rant. I don’t rant often, but I’m driven to do it today.

As a wine writer, I’m alarmed by the recent trend for other wine writers to behave parasitically by charging wineries to reproduce reviews.

I’m not going to name names, but it’s morally questionable, and I think wineries shouldn’t put up with it.

If I am [...]

Narrative and perspective, and how we understand wine

John Lambie, who was the manager of Scottish football club Partick Thistle, is credited with one of the most well known sporting quotes. On being informed by his medical team that the Thistle striker was concussed to the extent he couldn’t remember his own name, Lambie replied, ‘Tell him he’s Pele and get him back [...]

Joe Wadsack makes his debut on Series 3 of BBC's Food and Drink

So, tonight: good buddy Joe Wadsack makes his debut on the first episode of series 3 of Food and Drink, the BBC’s flagship food/drink programme. We’d been waiting to see this for a long time. It’s an all-new team. The show is hosted by Tom Kerridge after previous host Michel Roux Jr had to leave [...]

2014 in pictures (3)

So, the final part of my review of the year, in pictures…

July saw a visit to South Africa to take part in the Standard Bank Top 10 Chenin Blanc Challenge. It was a good experience.

Also in July, a trip to Oregon wine country – my second visit, after a six year gap. Some memorable visits: [...]

2014 in pictures (2)

Continuing the year…

April is the International Wine Challenge, which takes a couple of weeks –  it’s a nice time of year.

It was also the Real Wine Fair, which is epic. Carla and Craig of Lammerschoek/Testalonga above.

And here’s the Noble Rotters, Dan Keeling and Mark Andrew. They may be UTD fans, but they’re OK apart from [...]