Visiting two excellent sake producers

On my recent Japanese trip I had a chance to visit two high-end artisanal sake breweries. It was really interesting, especially coming from a wine background, to see how sake is made.

Rice at various degrees of polishing

The sake making process begins with the polishing of rice. The amount of material removed is expressed in […]

Amazing Sake tasting with Ueno Gourmet

Had an amazing Sake tasting yesterday with Jörg Müller of Ueno Gourmet (pictured above).

We began with the Amabuki Gin No Kurenai Rosé, a Junmai that’s pale pink in colour, made using ancient black rice. It was really elegant and fruity with clean flavours, and the colour really makes an impression.

The Ikekame Turtle Red is a Junmai […]

A remarkable tasting of sake

This was a remarkable evening, and my first exposure to high quality sake. It was at the Selfridges pop-up sake bar – billed as the world’s smallest, with just 6 seats. The sakes were chosen by famous Japanese footballer Hidetoshi Nakata, who, after retiring in 2006, has developed his passion for the drink (in the […]