Alsace season 2: Rolly Gassmann Pflanzerreben de Rorschwihr Riesling

The second in my current Alsace season, and it’s a lovely intense Riesling.

Rolly Gassmann Pflanzerreben de Rorschwihr Riesling 2008 Alsace
12.5% alcohol. Yellow with a hint of green. Rich, intense nose with bold melon and herb notes together with a hint of citrus freshness, as well as some pear. The palate is dry but rich with [...]

Jacob's Creek Steingarten Riesling

One of the Rieslings tasted on camera in my recent video clip, this is the well known Aussie, Steingarten, which now goes under the Jacob’s Creek label. Steingarten is not a single-vineyard, but instead a brand – the wine comes from a number of different sites in the Eden Valley. This is one to pop [...]

Video: tasting Riesling from Mosel, Alsace and Australia

Another video blog entry – this time, me tasting some rather delicious Rieslings. Perfect for a warm summer weekend like this.

A difficult day finishes well with Riesling

I don’t think Riesling will ever be fashionable, but I do enjoy it. Tonight I’m sipping a nice one from Leitz in Germany’s Rheingau, who I visited last May. It’s not one of their top wines, but it is very drinkable – the Rudesheimer Kabinett 2008, showing honeyed, limey fruit and crisp grapefruit notes on [...]

Sweet wine season, 8: Tamar Ridge Kayena Botrytis Riesling

Having a lot of fun with sweet wines, still. Here’s another cracker from Tasmania. So pure.

Tamar Ridge Kayena Vineyard Botrytis Riesling 2007 Tasmania
9% alcohol. Highly aromatic with notes of melon, citrus fruits, grapefruit and crystalline fruits. The palate is sweet and pure with wonderful freshness, viscous, intense melon and citrus fruit, and good balancing acidity. [...]

Penfolds Koonunga Hill revived - retro delights

Penfolds have revived their Koonunga Hill label by releasing two new wines in retro packaging. Back in 1976, the Koonunga Hill red was first released. It was cheap, but surprisingly serious, and able to develop over many years.

During the dark years when Penfolds lost their way a bit, the Koonunga Hill brand lost some quality, [...]

Sweet wine season, 5: Riverby Estate Noble Riesling, New Zealand

Until recently a peculiar piece of legislation prevented New Zealand from exporting their sweet wines to the EU. Fortunately, this has changed, and now we can get to know the exciting sweet wines of Kiwiland. Here’s one from Marlborough producer Riverby Estate, which hits the mark very nicely. It’s a botrytised Riesling.

Riverby Estate Noble Riesling [...]

Sweet wine season, 2: a Canadian Ice Wine

Ice wine, made from crushing frozen grapes, resulting in a must with sugar and acid both hugely concentrated, is an extreme form of sweet wine. The amazing sweetness is usually countered by the high acidity. Grapes have to be left on the vine, and kept healthy, through to December or even January, when they are [...]

Sweet wine season, 1: Seifried Sweet Agnes Noble Riesling

I’m starting a series on sweet wines. I think they’re neglected. The truth is, as a group they encompass some of the most exciting and complex of all wines. Often, they’re fantastic bargains, even if they are rarely cheap. There are many different styles of sweet wine, and I’m starting with a rather unsual sweet [...]