Wine Mechanics, an urban winery in Gothenburg, Sweden

I arrived at an industrial estate in Gothenburg, in search of Wine Mechanics, an urban winery. The Uber driver didn’t know where it was, but when I spotted a grape conveyor and a receival bin, I reckoned we were at the right place. This was the meat packing district, a bit out of town, and […]

Aperitivo with Luca x Martini

I was at Luca again tonight. The second time in a week, and I really love this restaurant. Tonight it was a chance to capture the Aperitivo moment, in a collaboration between Luca and Martini. I am quite a fan of vermouths and bitters, and cocktails based on these, so this was a fun prospect.

The […]

34 hours in New York, eating and drinking well, part 3

Saturday night in New York. A story of two dinners. We began with am 1830 reservation at The Four Horsemen, which is the restaurant/natural wine bar of LCD Soundsystem front man James Murphy. It’s based in Williamsburg in Brooklyn.

Menu, Four Horsemen

This was another hit. A short menu, a great wine list of natural/authentic wine, […]

34 hours in New York, eating and drinking well, part 2

Saturday morning comes to soon. We’re up early to meet with Abe Schoener, who’s taking us to Brooklyn to visit an urban winery that he’s involved with: Red Hook. He meets us outside our hotel in Chinatown and in the taxi he explains about the project.

The tasting bar at Red Hook winery

The focus is […]

34 hours in New York, eating and drinking well, part 1

Olmsted, Brooklyn

After exploring the Finger Lakes and Long Island wine regions, Christina Rasmussen and I had just a short time in the city of New York before heading back to the UK. I hadn’t been to New York since 1998, and this was Christina’s first visit. We arrived in New York at 7 pm […]

Restaurants: Hide, London

Hide is the hot new London opening of 2018. I’m not so good at catching new openings – I’m hardly in the country – but the Monday before last I ate there for the first time, curious to see what all the fuss is about. Here’s my brief review.

It’s owned by Yevgeny Chichvarkin, who is […]

Restaurants: The River Café, London

On the hottest day of the year, my first visit to the River Café. I know: it’s almost inexcusable not to have been before. This is a London institution. Originally opened in 1987, it’s located by the river in Hammersmith, and on a hot day the dappled sunlight of the outdoor seating area is just […]

Deliciousness at Bar Raval, Toronto

Had a lovely lunch yesterday at Bar Raval, Toronto. This is a beautiful tapas bar on College St, with a design that’s channelling  Gaudi.

We ate very well, including tinned razor clams! The food here is beautifully done. To drink: two wines that I really like. The mineral, textured 2016 Trenzado from Suertes del Marques, and […]

Eating and drinking in Hong Kong: Mott32, Ho Lee Fook, Divino, Luk Yu

Luk Yu

Continuing my reviews of the Hong Kong dining and boozing scene (I started with fab wine bars Le Cabane and Le Quinze Vins), here are a few mentions.

First of all, a proper old school tea house: Luk Yu. This is a large art deco-style building, and since the 1930s it has served tea […]

Wine in Hong Kong: La Cabane

My first night in Hong Kong. I get to the hotel, meet Natalie (who’d arrived earlier) and head out to La Cabane, in Central. We’re staying in Kowloon, so it’s either a taxi through one of the tunnels, or the MTR. We took the lazy option – the taxi.

La Cabane is a wonderful French natural […]