In Porto, such a photogenic city

I’m in Porto for a few days. It’s such a photogenic city. Here are some pictures.

In Milan, some pictures

Duomo di Milano

This weekend I am in Milan, on a small press trip with Ramada Hotels. I’ve been doing a bit of work putting together a special wine list for Ramada, showcasing some of the locations that the hotel chain operates in. It’s streamlined ‘say hello to red’ (their brand colour), and it’s a […]

Bordeaux: some reflections

I’ve just spent a very enjoyable couple of days in Bordeaux. The first was a free afternoon (I walked and walked), followed by dinner; the second a big tasting of the 2014 vintage. So here are some thoughts about Bordeaux, in no particular order.

First, this is a lovely city to visit. The changes enacted under […]

Some of my favourite instagram pictures

Since my Canada trip, I have been playing with instagram. It’s a great app for sharing pictures, and I can’t believe I didn’t use it earlier. With a limited range of distinctive filter effects and a fixed picture size, its simplicity is one of its strengths. Here are some of my snaps that I like […]

Some South African pics of mine in a magazine

As a camera geek and utterly amateur photographer, I always like it when I get pictures of mine in magazines, or for that matter any other publications. These five have just been used by a magazine, which makes me pleased. Interestingly, I sent them 13 pictures, and two of my favourites from this selection (and which […]

Pictures from the vineyard at Denbies

Took the dogs for a walk around England’s largest vineyard yesterday – Denbies in Dorking, Surrey.

The weather was glorious, on the hottest October day since records began. Clearly, you want warm, dry weather like this just before harvest to help the grapes reach ideal maturity. Yields looked a bit patchy: some varieties seem to have […]

Gratuitous pictures of grapes here in Russia

Cabernet Sauvignon


Some pictures of grapes ready for harvest at Fanagoria winery. The hygeinic status of the vineyards I’ve seen so far has been excellent – they’re really well maintained. Yields in some of the vineyards are on the generous side, though.


Sauvignon Blanc


Pinot Noir

A few quick pics from the Douro at harvest time

Some pictures from yesterday. Great time of year to be in the Douro with vintage just starting.

Exploring the Hermitage hill

Just back from an amazing mini-trip to the northern Rhone to visit Chapoutier, who are the largest vineyard holders in Hermitage, one of the world’s great wine appellations.

Hermitage is the home of Syrah, but also makes some fabulous white wines, chiefly from Marsanne. But it’s a relatively small appellation, occupying a contiguous block of a […]

Some more Sonoma pics

On my way home now, but here are some more Sonoma pictures. The light was just so good this week.