Tasting the icons and Pizarras wines from Errazuriz with Francisco Baettig

Francisco Baettig

Yesterday I met with Errazuriz winemaker Francisco Baettig, tasting some new releases. He’s the man behind the ‘icon’ wines of Errazuriz owner Eduardo Chadwick, and also the new venture in coastal Aconcagua, Las Pizarras. In recent years, Francisco has been on a journey which has seen him change the style of the icon [...]

Chile, day 3, Viña Errázuriz’s Panquehue winery with Francisco Baettig

Eduardo Chadwick and winemaker Francisco Baettig

The final visit of the first leg of this trip was at Viña Errázuriz’s home base, the winery in Panquehue, Aconcagua Valley, where their Max I vineyard is located. This is home both to the historic Don Maximiano winery, first built in 1870, and also the brand new icon [...]

Chile day 3, Viñedo Chadwick

Eduardo Chadwick

Viñedo Chadwick is in the Alto Maipo region of Chile, near Santiago. I visited back in 2008, and there’s an extensive report here. It was originally a family home. ‘It used to be my father’s house since the 1930s,’ says Eduardo Chadwick, who established it as a vineyard as a tribute to his [...]

Chile day 2 (continued): Seña

Seña was conceived as a joint venture between Robert Mondavi and Eduardo Chadwick back in 1995. At the time it had no home, but instead was a barrel selection from Errazuriz’s best lots, and the wine was made jointly between Tim Mondavi and Ed Flaherty. Mondavi had experience of joint ventures, most famously with Opus [...]

Chile day 2, Errazuriz's Aconcagua Costa property

Day two of the Chile trip was spent in the Aconcagua, with Errazuriz. We began at the relatively new 230 hectare (of planted vines) Aconcagua Costa property, just 12 km from the Pacific. Here they have planted 250 hectares. Initially they began with Sauvignon Blanc (planting in 2005), but then realised that the climate (quite [...]

Chile day 1, Valparaíso

The first day of this Chile trip was a gentle one, spent in Valparaíso.

It’s such a colourful city. Many of the buildings are beautifully decorated with street art. Indeed, I’ve never seen a city with so much street art.

It’s a messy city, too, and that’s part of its appeal. There’s character, and atmosphere. It’s a [...]

The Marques de Casa Concha Cabernet Sauvignon 2014, an important wine for Chile

This is an important wine for Chile. Marcelo Papa, chief winemaker with Concha y Toro, has been on a journey away from excessive ripeness. He has been picking as much as a month earlier for the Marques de Casa Concha Cabernet Sauvignon. While his experiments began in 2010, it’s only with this 2014 vintage that [...]

A new high end Pinot Noir from Torres, Chile: Escaleras de Empedrado

This is quite exciting. It’s a new high-end Pinot Noir from Chile, made by Torres. And it has been a long time coming. 20 years ago, Torres went prospecting for a special Chilean terroir with slate, to replicate the soils of Priorat. They found a site called Empedrado, which was a forested slope with slate [...]

The wines of Emiliana, an organic pioneer in Chile, with Alvaro Espinoza

Lunch at the fab Camino with Alvaro Espinoza of Chilean organic pioneer Emiliana is a good way to spend Friday afternoon, especially after a busy and somewhat complex week.

‘We are a mid-sized wine company,’ says Alvaro. He’s talking about Chile, though, and mid-sized here means 860 hectares of vineyards in four different valleys, and spread over five [...]

The new Las Pizarras wines from Errazuriz: high end, terroir-driven Pinot and Chardonnay from coastal Aconcagua

Francisco Baettig, of Errazuriz, is a thoughtful, insightful winemaker. Like many Chilean winemakers, he has been thinking quite a bit about how to make his wines fresher and more interesting, and these two new wines are the latest stage in this journey.

His boss, Eduardo Chadwick wanted him to produce two new icon wines, but Francisco [...]