How Port wine is made, in pictures


The Douro Valley in northern Portugal is the home of Port, a famous fortified wine style. The region is one of the most beautiful in the world, with steeply sloped banks rising on either side of the Douro river and its tributaries.

These steep slopes are often trellised so they can be worked safely, but where […]

A tale of two wine guides

Oz Clarke Pocket Wine Book 2014 (Anova Books)
Hugh Johnson’s Pocket Wine Book 2014 (Octopus Books)

There are two leading pocket wine guides on the market, so I thought it would be interesting to compare the 2014 editions side by side.

The first is the original: Hugh Johnson’s, which is now in its 37th year and has sold […]

Announcing a new book: The Science of Sauvignon Blanc

It seems a while ago now, but back in July 2010 I visited New Zealand with the sole purpose of interviewing researchers who have been working on all aspects of the science of Sauvignon blanc.

It’s probably the world’s most thoroughly researched grape variety, and with New Zealand Winegrowers I discussed the possibility of trying to […]

Authentic wine is published today

So, it’s the official publication date of Authentic Wine: Toward Natural and Sustainable Winemaking.

Sam and I were very pleased with the first proper review, which appeared today on Palate Press.

You send out a book into the world, and wait for some response. You are too close to the book to view it objectively, and so […]

Advance copies of authentic wine have arrived!

Came home today to find an advanced copy of my new book had arrived. The excitement was slightly tempered by the fact that the dogs had torn the packaging into shreds and had tried to eat it. But it wasn’t too badly damaged.

It is being released at the beginning of September and you […]

Book review: The Great Domaines of Burgundy

The Great Domaines of Burgundy, by Remington Norman and Charles Taylor.

This is a revision of Remington Norman’s classic work on Burgundy, first published in 1992, and then revised in 1996, with Charles Taylor added as an author. It’s a brilliant book, and pretty much a compulsory purchase for any Burgundy nut. The bulk of […]