A weekend of Chardonnay in Niagara: the i4C 2018 edition

Flights of Chardonnay, the Friday night event

I first came to Canada in 2013 for the i4C, the International Cool Climate Chardonnay Conference (here’s my blog post on it). My trip then was to make a lasting impression on me, and I have been back numerous times. This year I returned for the 2018 edition of this Chardonnay celebration, and it was the best yet. I had a lot of fun, met a lot of really great people, and learned quite a bit.

Here are two short films (of the Friday and Saturday nights), plus some pictures.



Josh Horton, Lightfoot and Wolfville, Nova Scotia

Rajat Parr, Sandhi and Evening Land

David Patterson, Tantalus

John Bonné

Saturday night: Chardonnay tasting and dinner at Ridley College

Anthony Hamilton Russell and Paul Cluver, representing South Africa

Paul Cluver and Simon Fell

Michael Godel and Magdalena Kaiser

Ryan Zanette and John Szabo

Pier-Alexis Soulière

Roberto Echeverria and Thomas Bachelder

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