Video: Alternative America - three producers from the USA doing something a bit differently


At the Real Wine Fair I caught up with three producers from the USA who are doing something a bit different, and making excellent wines in the process.

Scott Frank is an Oregon producer with a winery in downtown Portland called Bow & Arrow. He’s fallen for the Loire, and makes a compelling Melon (the grape of Muscadet) and a brilliant Gamay. He also makes one of the most refined cool climate Cabernets I have tried (a blend of Sauvignon and Franc).

Matthew Rorick is based in Napa, California, and with Forlorn Hope he’s concentrating on grape varieties that would have been common in this part of the world before prohibition. In particular, his Saint Andrews is a wine made from a vineyard planted with varieties that would have been popular in the 19th Century, including Green Hungarian.

Mike Roth’s Lo-Fi wines are distinctively packaged, with designs based on old record labels. His approach to winemaking, with grapes from Santa Barbara County, is decidedly analog rather than digital.

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