The world's three largest wineries, all owned by the same company

Gallo’s Fresno winery (Google Earth)

California’s E&J Gallo own the three largest wineries in the world. They don’t tend to invite journalists to them, but Google Earth allows us to take a tour. (The pictures here are all from Google Earth.)

The three wineries in question are two production wineries (Fresno and Livingston) and a winery for bottling and shipping (Modesto). They also own the largest winery in Sonoma, too.

Gallo Modesto (Google Earth)

In 2000, they claimed to take one-third of the total grape harvest in California (they have 90 000 acres under contract), and to make more wine than all of Australia.

Gallo’s Livingston winery (Google Earth)

As of 2011, they had eight wineries and 60 brands. Livingston crushed 450 000 tons, and Fresno 535 000 tons. I don’t have m ore recent figures, but they now have 15 wineries, according to their website.

A 2001 figure cited a production level of 950 million bottles.

A 2006 estimate was that they sold 62 million cases in the USA and accounted for one-quarter of the USA table wine market.

Google Earth gives us a good idea of the size of the tanks.

In 2011, Modesto bottled and shipped 90 million gallons of wine. Livingston produced 160 million gallons and Fresno produced 110 million gallons.

They also make their own glass: Gallo Glass produces 2 million bottles a day.

10 comments to The world’s three largest wineries, all owned by the same company

  • Tom

    Great use of google and regurgitation of old statistics- more interesting to hear why we should care!

  • Updated stats might be more shocking now that Barefoot has expanded to be the biggest selling brand.

  • Back in the mid-1980s, during my first stint in the wine industry, I was taken on a private tour of a ginormous Central Valley winery—not Gallo but one of those other ones owned by a relative—that was so industrial, I had to wear a hard hat while we walked through.

    At one point, I turned to the General Manager and said, “You know, if we ever get into another war, they’ll probably requisition this place as an emergency refinery.”

  • Robin Butler

    Presumably those are US gallons – not Imperial ones?

  • This is wine at industrial scale! Thank you for the article, very informative.

  • kactuskath pictures of Jean- Claude Boisset’s holdings in France!

  • Frank Grasso

    These wines are made in a lab with personnel wearing white coats. DRINK REAL WINE made by artisans and not this stuff.

  • Damien

    And, of course, it’s only so popular because people buy it (and come back for more). For them it ticks the box, and it’s a scalable product. Frank Gasso; if they did, they’d run out in no time, there’s no use worrying about this end of the industry. It suits 90% of consumers.

  • Gallo Employee

    What’s more amazing – Gallo has doubled in size since 2008 and just increased again by almost 50% with their recent acquisition of constellation brands. It’s not wine on an industrial scale it’s wine with a quality unmatched by competitors thus they are the market in the us. Don’t be jealous be competitive.

  • California Enologist

    Industrial? Artisan? Who cares? Wine is to drink and enjoy NOT to pray to. The Gallos’ and their bazillion employees are some of the most hard-working and brightest in the business and are very well respected. Their wines have raised the bar for decades.

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