Some nice beer, including a trashy blonde

Popped into Oddbins on the way home this evening. Nice selection of wines, these days. Lots interested me. Came out with three beers, though. Was particularly interested to try the Brew Dog, because I’d read a lot about these guys. Brilliant, slightly edgy marketing. The beer is great, too.

Brew Dog Trashy Blonde (you know you shouldn’t)
4.1% alcohol. An intense, full-flavoured blonde beer that’s extremely hoppy, with some sweet fruit and malty notes countered by pleasantly bitter, tangy hop notes. A dry finish. Superb stuff. 8.5/10

Williams Gold (refreshing golden ale) Alloa, Scotland
3.9% alcohol. Full flavoured but extremely mellow, with sweet toffee and butter notes, very subtle hoppiness and a broad, malty finish. A sweet, easy-drinking style. Charming. 7.5/10

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale
5.6% alcohol.  Balance is the key here. There’s some bitter hoppiness, a bit of richness on the palate, and also a nice citrussy freshness. Very easy to drink with nice depth of flavour, and no rough edges. 8/10

4 comments to Some nice beer, including a trashy blonde

  • Wish I was a trashy blond, I hear they have more fun…I do however have the Sierra Nevada PA in my fridge along with their summer offering ‘Summerfest’ which is rather tasty too.

  • Sierra Nevada’s ‘Torpedo’ Extra IPA is amazing!

  • Ben Smith

    ‘trashy blonde, you know you shouldn’t’ is a bit ‘smell the glove’ for me…

  • TommyB

    Jamie, you’re going to get fat drinking all of this beer! I’m noticing more and more beer reviews popping up on, are you as much a beer lover as a wine lover? For me there’s no comparison even though I like beer a lot.

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