Curious Brew, a remarkable lager

A beautiful evening. In the mid-20s, with a gentle breeze. Time for some beer.

It’s Curious Brew, a lager from UK winery Chapel Down. (See Made with East Anglian Malt, Saaz and Cascade hops, and then refermented with a Champagne yeast, and given a ‘dosage’ of lovely Nelson Sauvin hops.

It’s a gold colour, and is aromatic with nice exotic hoppy notes. Well balanced with refined fruity flavours and delicious bitter hoppiness. It’s a lager with real flavour, and a hint of American IPA about it, no doubt from the Sauvin hops. I’d rate this at 8.5/10.

2 comments to Curious Brew, a remarkable lager


    When can we buy this beer ( Curious IPA among curious beer)
    I am leaving in Paris

    Thanks for your reply


    H Lemaire

  • Beerdoddy

    Sorry I was not impressed by this “lager”. It was watery and thin with insufficient body. The use of champagne yeast left it with little to complement the overdone hops with too much competition between the three varieties used resulting in a cacophony rather than a marriage. So not enough character from the yeast too much from the competing hops and where was the lager malt character. “Bring back Mansfield Marksman”, now that was a champion lager.

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