An ale festival at the White Horse

Popped down to the White Horse at Hedgerley with two of my brothers-in-law today, to sample some of the guest ales.

British ales are among the world’s best beers, but to enjoy them you usually need to drink them at a pub from a well managed cask. Bottled versions tend to be dull and a shadow of the real thing.

We tried six different beers. My favourite was the Church End Bunny Hops, a pale coloured ale with prominent but elegant hoppiness. It was textured, fresh and quite delicious.

We tried a few others, too – the theme seemed to be a more savoury hop influence than I’m used to with American-style IPAs, which I love, but which are quite different drinks.

We finished off with a round of Rebellion, which is a beautiful beer, balancing rich, sweet fruity and malty notes with some nice hoppy savouriness. And some pork scratchings, of course.

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