A lager with flavour, from Italy

There’s more to beer than just cask-conditioned ale. Here’s a reasonably serious lager from Italy which is part of Marks & Spencer’s new-ish beer range. Titled simply ‘Italian Lager’, it is tangy and nicely bitter with lovely flavour and balance, as well as some complexity. There’s also a gently herbiness, adding to the savoury impression. I reckon this would be good with food. 8/10

2 comments to A lager with flavour, from Italy

  • J Mac

    Did you try their Bavarian one? Cloudy, off-dry, really complex with quite rum-like flavours of banana and caramel, finishing with a pleasant bitterness.

  • Italian lager, sounds interesting…and in Marksies. I could stock up with beer and knickers all at the same time.

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