Loimer Gruner Veltliner Lois: great wine, great packaging

Lunch at the BFI today, on the south bank of the Thames, near Waterloo. The Benugo restaurant is actually pretty good, and I had a very well presented starter of duck egg on salad, followed by a perfectly cooked fillet of sea bass on some wilted spinach.

All was washed down with Fred Loimer’s Lois Gruner Veltliner 2010. This is a really cracking wine for the money (inexpensive by restaurant standards at £30), and it’s beautifully packaged.

The subtly green glass brings out the fresh, green colour of the wine. The label is clear and elegant, but has a novel twist. If you pull away (using an indicated tab) the back label, with all the legal information, it reveals a picture of the vineyard. It’s a clever, fun twist.

The wine itself is taut, fresh, pithy and really fruity, with a peppery, spicy edge. It’s beautifully judged. Forgive the poor quality of the camera phone pictures: I just wanted to show the innovative packaging.

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  • Surprised you were drinking a 2010; we’ve been on 2011 for some months now down in deepest Cornwall – would’ve thought the BFI would be shifting more of this wine. Good to see you’ve recognised it’s worth however.

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