Two summery sweet wines worth checking out

innocent bystander moscato

Sometimes you just want something fun and summery to drink. Here are a couple of really fun, sweet, fizzy wines with real points of interest.

Innocent Bystander Moscato 2013 Victoria, Australia
5.5% alcohol. From a really attractive crown-capped 37.5 cl bottle, this just works. It’s pink and sweet and fizzy, with grape and cherry fruit. Simple, fresh and not at all cloying, it’s easy and fun. 87/100 (£6.95 the 2012 is available from


Cantina Puianello Bollicino Rosso NV Ancellotta dell’Emilia IGT, Italy
5.5% alcohol. This was a real surprise when I tasted it the other day. It’s a sweet, fizzy red, but with real personality and a bit of savoury bite. Very deeply coloured, it is sweet and fresh with some black cherry, bitter plum and olive notes. Very drinkable but with more than a hint of seriousness. 89/100 (£6 Wine Boutique

3 comments to Two summery sweet wines worth checking out

  • Alex lake

    Thanks for reviewing these – they don’t often get many column inches, but can hit the spot…
    Might make a nice change from Pimms.

  • I agree Alex.
    I have used the last 3 vintages of the Moscato at tastings, and it is always extremely popular – refreshing on its own but also very good with light fruit based desserts

  • We started developing Bollicini Rosso ( as a brand a couple of years ago and it has a steadily growing number of fans. Thanks for your nice comments about it. We are promoting with a keen six-bottle deal this summer. £25.00 for six bottles and free delivery in certain postcodes (East Anglia mostly)

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