Sweet wine season, 11: Turkey Flat Pedro Ximenez

I haven’t finished my sweet wine season yet. Not by any measure. Here’s number 11, and we’re off to Australia’s Barossa Valley for a bit of a rarity: an Australian Pedro Ximenez.

Turkey Flat Pedro Ximenez NV Barossa Valley, Australia
17% alcohol. A liqueur wine made by adding spirit to part fermented wine. Attractive red/brown colour. Sweet, vibrant nose of raisin and spice, with some tangerine notes. Warm, complex and spicy. The palate is softly textured; intensely sweet but quite fresh with bold, spicy fruit. Finishes very sweet but there are some tangy, citrussy notes. 91/100 (£19.99 Waitrose, UK agent Mentzendorff)

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