A serious Aussie Chardonnay: Eldridge Estate

Australian Chardonnay doesn’t have a great image these days. But, as the Landmark Tutorial last year showed, it’s a serious category. Here’s a new wine to me, which I really rate. It’s from Eldridge Estate in the Morning Peninsula.

Eldridge Estate Chardonnay 2008 Mornington Peninsula, Australia
14% alcohol. Complex, powerful and intense with rich but balanced flavours of nuts, fig, peach and pear, as well as subtle toasty notes. Fruit dominated with real refinement and complexity. Wish it was a bit cheaper, but it’s worth it. 94/100 (UK retail £30, available at www.auswineonline.co.uk)

1 comment to A serious Aussie Chardonnay: Eldridge Estate

  • As an Australian I’m damn pleased to see someone rate an Aussie Chardonnay.

    Mornington Penninsula also has some other stars such as Paringa and Kooyong Estates to name a couple.

    My only disappointment is their price.

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