Wine should never be cheap

I recently made a post on Twitter:

What I have learned from my travels: wine should never be cheap

Although it has picked up more than 130 likes, it also caused some controversy. One well known American critic replied, ‘Completely f***ing wrong.’ I was a little surprised by this.

But I think it’s in response to a misunderstanding. […]

In the vineyards of Jerez and Sanlucar

I’ve just spent three days exploring Sherry – and working on a story about how the region is rediscovering its past, when Jerez and Sanlucar made vineyard-based wines. I’ve learned a great deal and met some inspiring people. For now, some pictures from the vineyards.

A profile showing what’s under the surface of Albariza

Prince Edward County (9) Morandin

Chris Morandin’s family roots are in Italy’s Veneto, but he decided to start a winery where his wife hails from: Prince Edward County. In 2009 he bought a 33 acre property, which is currently planted with 5 acres of vines – they plan to plant more. It’s called the Sangreal Estate Vineyard. Winemaking is in […]

Prince Edward County (8) Lighthall

The winery, Lighthall

In 2008 Glenn Symons moved to Prince Edward County to make wine, buying the established Lighthall vineyard. He was previously a pharmacist based in Ottawa, but from his 8 acres of vines and his Quonset hut winery, he’s making some pretty smart wines. He also makes ewes milk cheese.

Lighthall Progression Sparkling Vidal […]

Prince Edward County, Ontario (7) Rosehall Run

Dan Sullivan, Rosehall Run

Dan Sullivan is an old timer by County standards, but he’s only been making wines since 2001, when he first planted wines on his property. He started out as an award-winning home winemaker, but this was a hobby that grew out of control, and now he farms 25 acres of vines […]

Prince Edward County, Ontario (6) Trail Estate

Mackenzie Brisbois

A long while back, Anton and Hildegard Sproll moved to Canada from Germany and established Sproll’s Fine German Bakery, and it was a great success. They retired from this to establish Trail Estate on a 14 acre property in 2011. There were just an acre and a half of vines when they purchased […]

Prince Edward County, Ontario (5) Closson Chase

The famous barn at Closson Chase

Deborah Paskus was a well known consulting winemaker when she established Closson Chase, one of the pioneering wineries in the region, along with some investors. A test acre was planted in Hillier in 1999, and in 2002 the century-old dairy barn that is now the symbol of the vineyard […]

Prince Edward County, Ontario (4) Hinterland


Jonas and Vicki

Hinterland is a sparkling wine specialist. Jonas Newman and Vicki Samaras established their winery in a converted dairy barn that previously was home to 48 cows. In a previous life Vicki studied plant pathology and worked for the government in pharmaceuticals, while Jonas was already involved with wine.

Vineyard at Hinterland

They planted […]

Prince Edward County, Ontario (3) Stanners

Colin Stanners

Colin Stanners was a chemist, and moved to California where he started drinking wine. He moved back to Canada and wanted to make his own, so he thought the County would be a good place. He started planting in 2005, and then carried on, and now has 8 acres of vines.

Stanners Riesling 2016 […]

Prince Edward County, Ontario (2) Huff Estates

Huff Estates was originally a hop farm, but now it’s a winery, and also hosts an art gallery and some luxury accommodation. Owner Lanny Huff began the project in 2002, and built a winery in 2004. His family have 12 generations in the county, and he was a chemical engineer. ‘I said the one thing […]