Tscheppe, Vinding and Vincent Paris: three nice wines at Brackenbury Wine Rooms

Met up with Thor Gudmundsson the other night at Brackenbury Wine Rooms to drink and chat. Thor has two Wine Rooms locations, in Brackenbury (Hammersmith) and in Kensington, and both have really interesting wine lists. They offer something for everyone, with lots of different wines available to taste on their enomatic machines. These aren’t super geeky […]

Exploring the wines of Greece: 25 of my favourites

Last year I travelled to Greece and did a quick-fire exploration of some of the country’s top wines, aided by Giannis Siganos of wine shop and importer Mr Vertigo. It’s taken me a little while to get round to producing this list, but here are 25 of my favourite wines. Over the next few days […]

In Argentina (2) visiting Costa y Pampa, a winery in a new viticultural region

It’s not often you get to visit a vineyard that’s the first in a new viticultural region. But that’s what Costa y Pampa, Trapiche’s latest project, is.


I visited on a sunny summer’s day, flying into the resort town of Mar del Plata and then driving along the coast for about an hour.

The Estancia

The region […]

Are the fake half-price wine deals returning?

A few years back wine writers in the UK campaigned against the fake half-price supermarket wine deals. I even did some filming for Rip Off Britain where we went undercover to a few supermarkets to expose this rather dishonest practice.

Using price reductions to promote products is nothing new. Some industries – such as kitchens and […]

2018 in review: quite a year (part 2 of 2)

June finished with a five day, four city trip to Ireland to promote Beaujolais wines with a series of masterclasses. We did Cork, Dublin, Galway and Limerick. Here I am with Phoebe and Christina, my fellow travellers, and Mick, who showed us some good spots in Dublin.

The Gilda, at the fab Fish Shop, where we […]

2018 in review: quite a year (part 1 of 2)

2018 began in New Zealand, where I’d been staying for Christmas. It was to be the first of several joy-filled trips to this wonderful country. This time last year, I’d been planning to relocate there. The picture above is looking from the top of the Clayvin Vineyard in the Marlborough region.

I was allowed to attend […]

Bad smells

A while back we had a cat. It originally belonged to Eric Clapton and we inherited it through a friend of a friend, and it was a nice cat, black and white with long hair and it was called Oswald, and we loved him and sometimes he loved us, with the indifference that cats are […]

Why wine must be wine

I’ve been involved in a few social media discussions about whether or not it’s time for wine to modernize. In order to appeal to a wider audience – and recruit new consumers – shouldn’t we welcome a new sub-category of flavoured wines? This would usher in a new golden era of innovation into a category […]

Why it's worth entering wine writing competitions

Back in 2007, while I still had a full time job!

I enter wine competitions. Not all of them, but many, if I feel I’ve done something that year that’s of merit.

It’s worth the effort of entering. It takes a while to decide what to put forward, then to fill in the entry form (they […]

BK Wines Skin n'Bones Savagnin

I picked this up from the excellent Good Wine Shop in Chiswick – it’s a Savagnin from Brendon and Kirstyn Keys that spends a month on the skins before going to barrel. It’s quite a subtle wine but a delicious one, with real texture.

BK Wines Skin n’Bones Skin Contact White Savagnin 2016 Adelaide Hills, Australia
11.8% […]