A brilliant Serbian white wine

As I write, I’m sipping a white wine from Serbia. This would be a brilliant wine to put into a blind tasting: I reckon most people would suggest that it’s a serious dry Loire Chenin Blanc.

In fact, it has no Chenin in it at all. It’s made by a French couple, Cyrille Bongiraud and Estelle Germain, […]

Selfie wine tasting video 1 - Tokaji Eszencia four times!

I thought it might be quite fun to do some ‘selfie’ videos of wine tasting, taken on my camera phone, in situ.

Here I taste Tokaji Eszencia, a remarkable, intensely sweet wine made from the free run juice from aszu berries. It’s very low in alcohol, amazingly high in sugar, and rare and very expensive.

This is […]

Tokaji in Tokaj, the film

Here’s the film from my visit to Tokaj, featuring Disznoko, Lazlo Meszaros the Director of Disznoko, and the wonderful Aszu berries being harvested one at a time.

Some Rhône treats

Quite a few impressive Rhône wines at yesterday’s Bunch tasting. Here are some I enjoyed a lot.

Alain Graillot Crozes Hermitage 2011 Northern Rhône, France
Is this Graillot’s best yet? It’s sensational. Ripe yet fresh meaty, raspberry and cherry fruit nose with a hint of black olive and pepper. The palate is fresh and ripe with raspberry […]

Scoring wines: peer group or absolute?

There’s an interesting discussion on Twitter, concerning the scoring of wines. It was prompted by a Decanter blog by the usually brilliant Andrew Jefford here. Jefford starts off on fire:

“Scores for wines are philosophically untenable, aesthetically noxious – but have great practical value.”

That’s entirely my view. I hate them. But I use them. Those who […]

Some more pictures from Tokaj

Just back from my lightning trip to Tokaj. I enjoyed it a great deal, and learned a lot. I thought I knew a little about Tokaji (the wine), but visiting and seeing the grapes as they are ready for harvesting, tasting the wines, and seeing how they are put together exposed just how little I […]

On the road in Tokaj, Hungary

It fills me with a sense of childish excitement when I visit a new wine region. I’ve said it before, and likely I will say it again, that it is when you visit a region that the penny drops: all the book learning and knowledge of the wines falls into place, and you begin to […]

Impressive new wines from Tasmania's Tolpuddle Vineyard

Very excited to be able to try these two new wines. They are a Pinot Noir and a Chardonnay from Tasmania’s Tolpuddle vineyard, and represent the first vintage to be released under the new owners, Shaw & Smith.

In 2011 Martin Shaw and Michael Hill Smith bought the 20 hectare vineyard, which had been planted in […]

Skin contact whites, the next big thing

I am really enjoying skin contact whites at the moment. These are white wines that are made like red wines, with the skins present during the fermentation, rather than pressing the juice off before fermentation begins.

As I write I am drinking Tom Shobrook’s Giallo, and loving it. It’s an Aussie skin-contact Sauvignon Blanc, and it […]

The fabulous Dow 1963 plus other special wines

Simon Staples of Berry Bros & Rudd is a top bloke. He treated a few of us to a lovely dinner in the boardroom after Thursday night’s screening of red obsession. We had some lovely Burgundy, a cracking sherry, a stunning English sparkler, and – most appropriately – a Chinese wine. But my heart was […]