The online future is a social one


I am fortunate that my brief career as a media sort of person has coincided with some of the most dramatic changes in how media is delivered. [Pedants: note that I am using media here as a collective noun, so it’s OK to use singular or plural.] People have changed how they consume media, too. […]

Aeternitas, a new Syrah from South Africa

Johan Grimbeek is the winemaker at South African winery Kanu. Through top restaurateur Bertus Basson, I managed to get my hands of a bottle of his home brew – it goes under the label of Aeternitas, and it’s a Syrah from a single vineyard in Stellenbosch, aged half in new oak. It’s a ripe, warm […]

Another new English sparkling wine, Digby Fine English

Here’s another new English sparkling wine. It’s cleverly branded, and the winemaker is Dermot Sugrue, a specialist sparkling winemaker who worked for Nyetimber for three years. Dermot is now based at Wiston Estate and does contract winemaking for a number of operations. I like this wine a lot, although it’s still pretty primary. Perhaps taking an ‘NV’ […]

A lovely, affordable Greek white wine from Hatzidakis

£10 in your pocket, and looking to pop some white wine? You can’t do much better than this. It’s from Santorini: I’ve never been, but apparently the vines are grown in some of the most unusual and distinctive ways you can imagine (see this google image search for examples), in the island’s volcanic soils.

Hatzidakis Santorini […]

Some more great value Portuguese wines

Our holiday in the sunny Algarve draws to a close today. Just a few hours of pool action, then a drive back up to Lisbon. One of the highlights for me has been the wine:  every supermarket we have been to has had a great selection of Portuguese wines with plenty of fun to be […]

More fun in Portugal and the Portuguese Cloudy Bay

We’ve had some fun this week. On Wednesday, all three families spent the afternoon on boats. The adults went out on a 53 ft Sunseeker, while the kids were on a speedboat. And when we moored up we had the speedboat tow us at extreme speed in rubber rings. There’s something so liberating about jumping […]

Are smartphones bad for our souls?

I have been a smartphone user for three years. I started off with an HTC Desire, because all my techy friends said that Android was the way to go, and I had never seen myself as a Mac person. But in March I made a considered switch to iPhone, with the 5. It is a […]

Some more great, great value Portuguese wines

OK, promised yesterday, more notes on great Portuguese wines for under 10 Euros. I was delighted to find that two of my favourite Vinho Verdes fitted into this category. These are benchmark examples of how good the Alvarinho and Loureiro grape varieties can be. It’s such a shame that Vinho Verde has such a bad […]

Some great, inexpensive Portuguese wines

I have been here in the Algarve for a few days now, and the great news is that you can buy superb Portuguese wines really inexpensively. With a budget of just 10 Euros a bottle, you can have a lot of fun. Here are a few, with more to follow.

Lavradores de Feitoria Tres Bagos Branco […]

An incredible wine lunch at Chez Bruce

Mareli Botha and Bertus Basson

Had a remarkable lunch yesterday. It was hosted by Keith Prothero with guest of honour Bertus Basson, star South African restaurateur (Overture at Hidden Valley). It was held at Chez Bruce, and the combination of food, wine and company was just about perfect.

Champagne Philipponnat Clos des Goisses 1996 France
Intense yet […]