Two lovely Rieslings, South Africa and Germany

Yum, it’s Riesling weather. The sorts of places that make great Riesling aren’t always the ones where it is most useful: I find it the perfect hot weather wine, yet it grows best in cool climates. Here are a couple of good ones.

Paul Cluver Ferricrete Riesling 2012 Elgin, South Africa
10% alcohol. Delicate, pure citrussy nose with […]

Video: a conversation with Richard Geoffroy of Dom Perignon, with the 2004 and 2003 rose

Yesterday afternoon I met with Richard Geoffroy, of Champagne Dom Perignon, to chat and taste the 2004 Dom Perignon and the not yet released 2003 Dom Perignon Rose. Richard was in the UK to go to the British Formula 1 Grand Prix at Silverstone, where he was doing a DP event with the likes of […]

A first for me, Canadian Riesling

So, to celebrate Canadian wine day, a Canadian Riesling. It’s pretty good: if I’d have tasted it blind I would have guessed New Zealand, I think. I normally don’t go in for this ‘day’ thing (there are just too many of them), but I’m heading to Canada for the first time next month so I […]

Supermarkets, convergence and market disruption

I have a couple of related questions. First, people love shopping in supermarkets. Why?

Trust – a supermarket brand is trusted by shoppers. They supermarket name is big enough and famous enough and familiar enough to inspire trust. The shopper trusts the supermarket to price its products fairly, and for its produce to be safe – […]

A great day of cricket and a super beer

‘Do you ever do any work?’

A question I get asked quite often. The answer: ‘Yes, but I try not to do too much.’ The truth is, I have a fun job, and the tendency I fight is that of working too much. I am working in a competitive field: one in which seriously talented colleagues are […]

A lovely Kalecic Karasi from Turkey

Really enjoyed this lighter red wine, made from a Turkish grape variety called Kalecic Karasi. Great value, too. [Also slightly illegally labelled, with an alcohol level declared on the label of 13.4% – should be either 13 or 13.5.]

Vinkara Kalecic Karasi 2011 Anatolia, Turkey
Pale coloured. Lovely red cherry, spice and herb notes on the nose, […]

Ingredient labelling in wine

Wine is unusual among foodstuffs in that it doesn’t contain ingredient labelling or lists. All that is required is the statement ‘contains sulfites’ if the total sulfur dioxide level exceeds 10 mg/litre (which is a level that can be achieved even when no sulfites are added; they are made by yeasts, too).

There have been calls […]

A day at Wimbledon with some vintage Champagne

Had a cracking day at Wimbledon today, watching tennis with some good wine trade buddies. It was courtesy of Champagne house Lanson. We had centre court tickets, and watched three games involving three great players: Roger Federer, Maria Sharapova and Andy Murray.

But as well as watch the tennis, it was a great chance to (a) […]

France needs to get behind its wine industry

What is it with French politicians? Are they nuts?

I’m referring to the way that they seem to be hell bent on damaging one of the things the French do best: making wine.

France is blessed by some of the best places in the world to grow wine grapes. It makes some of the world’s greatest wines. […]

Four random reds, tasted blind

Another spot of blind tasting. Always a good way to learn. These four were selected at random from a large stash of wines I have lying around: there are enough bottles that I’m not going to be able to guess from what I know I have. In terms of identifying the regions, I didn’t do […]