The mechanics of the £20 Taittinger offer

This is the time of year when the supermarkets try t0 outdo each other with special offers on well-known fizz.

I was surprised when I popped into my local Asda and found Champagne Taittinger NV for sale at £20 per bottle, with a maximum of three bottles per customer. I’ve heard from others that Sainsbury’s and […]

Tour Trencavel's Plecandou - a Minervois with no sulfur dioxide added

I really liked this wine. It’s unusual in that it is a natural wine, with no sulfur dioxide added, but which is made by a producer who focuses on conventionally made wines in Minervois. Normally, natural wines are made by people who’ve turned away from conventional winemaking entirely. It’s a living wine that has a […]

What is 'fine' wine? Who gets to decide?

One of the questions that really interests me is this:

What constitutes a great or ‘fine’ wine?

Allied to this is the follow-on question:

Who gets to decide that a wine is great?

I’m aware that these questions could take a long time to answer. So here’s my top-of-the-head, partial answer.

I like Hugh Johnson’s definition of fine wine: wine […]

A delicious high-end Bardolino from Guerrieri Rizzardi

This was interesting. Most of the Bardolinos I try are cheap, light red wines that serve a purpose but don’t justify extensive tasting notes. This is a high-end take on Bardolino that’s quite elegant and tasty. A bit expensive? But delicious.

Guerrieri Rizzardi Tacchetto 2010 Bardolino Classico, Veneto, Italy
A blend of Corvina, Rondinello and Merlot. Pale-coloured, […]

Seth Godin with a useful perspective on media

As a producer of media, I found this post on Seth Godin’s blog a really interesting perspective bringer.

He talks about how the abundance of free media has led to the implosion of mass media. Everything has changed in a relatively short space of time. As is usual for Seth, it’s a really clear and well […]

Northern Rhone series 18, Equinoxe 2009 from Maxime Graillot

I’m so excited by this wine I’m blogging on it minutes after opening it and trying it for the first time. It’s the Crozes-Hermitage Equinoxe 2009 by Maxime Graillot (Alain’s son), and it’s just fabulous.

Made for early drinking, sealed with a screwcap (saranex liner, mind, good choice), this is inky dark and alive, with vivid […]

The launch of Authentic Wine at Artisan & Vine

Kathryn O'Mara of Artisan & Vine introducing the evening

Last night we held the launch party for Authentic Wine at Artisan & Vine. The audience was a mix of journalists, retailers and consumers, and we enjoyed a three course meal with wines chosen to illustrate the concept of ‘authenticity’.

The guest list included notables such as […]