Eric Asimov is right: there's plenty of great wine that's still affordable

Really like Eric Asimov’s recent piece in The New York Times. He argues that while many fine wines are now out of the reach of ordinary wine lovers, there’s still plenty of great wine out there that you and I can afford.

It’s easy to look at the prices of top Bordeaux and the best Burgundies […]

My first proper Chinese wine

So I finally get to taste a proper Chinese wine, made from Chinese-grown grapes (although I may have tasted a proper Chinese wine when I was in Beijing in 2006; I can’t remember.) It’s made by ChangYu Pioneer Wine Company in collaboration with Lenz Moser’s TBX.

It tasted quite good. Like an inexpensive Loire Cabernet Franc […]

Why we should support plans to lift restrictions on EU vineyard planting

There’s a news story on Decanter at the moment concerning plans by the EU to lift the ban on new planting of vineyards.

Wine regions throughout Europe are opposing plans for what they see as a ‘catastrophic expansion’.

But I think that this liberaliazation of planting rights is largely a good thing for wine.

At the moment, there […]

A lovely wine dinner focusing on Champagne and Bordeaux

Headed over to brother-in-law Beavington’s place for a joint birthday celebration (ours are 6 days apart, but he is a year older than me). We had some fabulous wines.

Champagne Philipponnat Clos des Goisses 2000
12% alcohol. From a south-facing, steeply sloped vineyard of 5.5 hecatres, this is a blend of 65% Pinot Noir and 35% Chardonnay, […]

The official Swartland Revolution film!

Brilliantly put together by Sebastien!

Less oak, more folk - guest blog post by Daniel Primack

I’ve been blogging here for 10 years now, and I think (if my memory serves me correctly) that this is the first guest blog post. It’s by Daniel Primack of Around Wine, who tweets as @winerackd.

Less Oak, More Folk

George Dubbya Bush used to refer to everyone, even enemies of the state, as ‘folk’. I […]

Another super Beaujolais: Jean-Paul Brun's Terres Dorees

So, after my recent recommendation for Dubost’s fabulous Tracot, here’s another Beaujolais that really hooked me. It’s from Jean-Paul Brun, who is one of the natural wine guys, but who does use a bit of sulfur dioxide. On the first day it was quite tight and closed, but on day two it was really singing, […]

A bit of a rant about icon wines

While I was in South Africa, I noticed that quite a few wine estates now produce icon wines, retailing at Rand 500+. The icon wine now seems to be an integral part of any ambitious winery’s offering.

I can see the logic behind icon wines. The idea is that there are some people out there with […]

A superb Beaujolais - best value red of the year?

I hope that regular readers will agree that I’m not a big hype merchant. If I big something up, it’s because I really, really like it. This is one such wine. At under £10 it is a no-brainer, and I’ve already bought some. But a caveat: those who prefer power over elegance (and I’m not […]

A brilliant, natural California Grenache

Now this is a superb wine. Before opening it, I admit I was expecting something very sweet and ripe, in the new world mould. But what I got was something thrilling, elegant and amazingly drinkable. It’s from a vineyard planted in 1910, with vines on their own roots. Birichino, pronounced biri-kino, seems a very interesting […]