Recently on the main wineanorak site

Some recent articles on the main wineanorak site. I’ve got a lot of material in the pipeline. Just need to find the time to write it up!

Peccavi: a new producer in Australia’s Margaret River region
Chavy Chouet: a rising star in Burgundy (pictured above)
Ata Rangi: a visit to one of New Zealand’s most exciting wineries
Denis Jamain: […]

Wine and the digital conversation

The internet, and more specifically the recent social media revolution, has changed wine writing.

A lot, and fast.

It’s the wine writing equivalent of the meteor impact 65 million years ago on the Cretacious–Tertiary boundary, and it has left many traditional wine writers wandering around like confused dinosaurs, wondering what happened.

I’m not sure any of us understand […]

Video: the London International Wine Fair

A short film from this week’s wine fair, attempting to catch some of the atmosphere in a series of moving images. Quite different to Monday’s the natural wine fair, which I also made a film of.

Two from Mayu

Very happy to find two delicious wines in Asda at a fiver each. They are a pair from Chilean producer Mayu, located in the stunning and remote Elqui region in the north. They are made by Italian ex-pat Giorgio Flessati (above), who is the winemaker at Falernia and Mayu, two closely related companies.

The white is […]

Unwinding after the final day of the trade fair with some Vouvray

I am properly tired. The third day of the London International Wine Fair (held in the Docklands, above) was a good one, but after a late night last night (at the wonderful Brawn), an early-ish start this morning, and some residual illness from the weekend, and I’m spent, gov. Nothing left in the tank. Oh, […]

Busy at the London International Wine Fair

The middle of May. The time in the calendar when our focus is on the London International Wine Fair. Love it, hate it, it’s something none of us can miss. And this year, I’ve been enjoying it more than ever before.

I remember my first London trade fair. Not all that long ago: I felt a […]

The natural wine fair

Spent a good portion of today at the natural wine fair in Borough Market. It was a fantastic location (though hot sunny weather or sheet rain would have played havoc), and the tasting itself was stunning. An embarrassment of riches. Here’s a short video of the event, which I hope gives you a brief flavour […]

Dinner at Francis and Bronwens with Huet, Laval, Niepoort and Donald

I normally try to keep this blog of the moment, but I’ve been busy of late, and I have lots to include. So I need to mention, after the fact, Thursday night’s dinner at Francis and Bronwen Percival’s place.

It was another gathering of the convenors of the London Gastronomy Seminars. I love these meetings, because […]

Lunch at the Glasshouse in Kew

Yesterday’s lunch at Kew’s Glasshouse restaurant was everything a fine dining experience should be.

One of the problems I have in assessing restaurants is that most of the time I’m not paying, and my primary purpose is to be there in order to taste wines. You can still get a good feel for the restaurant, but […]

The Natural Wine Fair in London

A last minute plug for the Natural Wine Fair, which is coming to London from Sunday to Tuesday.

This is a brilliant opportunity to try some fabulously diverse and interesting wines. It should also be great fun.

Aside: I’m getting really really bored with journalists who feel they have to warn people about natural wines. The standard […]