Video: seven things you should know about terroir in wine

Here’s a film where I ramble on interminably about terroir. Well, actually, it’s my seven key points on this most wonderful of concepts in wine. I hope that you find it useful and entertaining.

Bespoke Bros Heathcote Syrah - Australian elegance

This wine is the result of a collaboration between wine journalist Nick Stock and Gilles Lapalus of Sutton Grange winery. Some things to note: (1) it’s simply labelled; (2) it’s just 13% alcohol; (3) it’s labelled Syrah, not Shiraz. These all bode well for the wine.

Bespoke Bros Heathcote Syrah 2009 Australia
Deliciously fresh, with sweet rounded […]

Dorilli, a new wine from Sicilian producer Planeta

This is an interesting new wine from Sicilian producer Planeta, who I visited a while back. It’s a posh version of their Cerasuolo di Vittoria, which is a deliciously fresh blend of Frappato and Nero d’Avola. For drinking now, I have to say that I prefer the regular version, but this may well develop nicely […]

Mixing the personal and professional

One of the questions facing me as someone who primarily functions online, with a heavy reliance on social media, is how much I should mix the personal and professional.

I’m not sure I have the answer to this. I’m quite an open person, and so I tend to just let things happen organically. Which means that […]

Video: tasting schist - Torres Salmos Priorat and Tons de Duorum

Two wines with a common connection: schist.

Video trailer: Zev Robinson's Life on the Douro

I thought it would be worth drawing the attention of readers here to filmmaker Zev Robinson’s trailer for his Life on the Douro film. Looks great:

At the Berry Bros press tasting today

It’s always fun at the Berry Bros & Rudd press tastings, because they show such good wines. Today’s tasting, in the cellars below their shop in St James’ St, was no exception.

David Berry Green, pictured above, has revitalized their Italian range, and today he took the unusual step of showing 15 Langhe Nebbiolos, of which […]

Wine trade cricket - we almost beat the kiwis!

Had some fun this afternoon. It was the Wine Trade Cricket XI versus a team from Wellington in New Zealand, Kelburn Cricket Club. We were playing at the lovely Hampton Wick ground, inside Bushy Park, and the weather was just perfect. We also had a celebrity spectator: the charming Henry Blofeld of Test Match Special […]

The Waitrose press tasting today

Had a nice time at the Waitrose (UK supermarket) press tasting today, held at their cookery school adjoining the Finchley Road branch. I’m always glad to come away with a sheath of recommendations for my Sunday Express column.

Waitrose have some fabulous wines. They also have a few shockers, but I guess this is driven by […]

Video: five things that affect the flavour of a wine

In this ‘learn about wine’ video I discuss five things that affect how a particular wine tastes: