Serious Bergerac Blanc from Luc de Conti

Really like this wine. It’s a serious Bergerac Blanc from Luc de Conti. Two thirds Semillon, a third Sauvignon, aged in barrels (half of which are new).

Chateau Tour des Gendres Moulin des Dames Bergerac Blanc Sec 2007 France
14% alcohol. Yellow/gold colour. Rich nose of toast, honey and citrus. The palate has bold, rich, toasty pear […]

Intense flavours: cheese and beer

Two intense, non-wine flavours this evening. [I love flavour, in general.]

The first: a cheese. It’s a Caerphilly from Neal’s Yard (Gorwydd, Wales). Tangy, slightly sour and bitter, but also creamy and rich. Lovely intensity, without being in any way overpowering. Slightly crumbly, dry texture.

The second: a beer. Bew Dog’s Punk IPA (£1.40 from Tesco). It’s […]

FFS update

There’s been too much wine talk here of late. I haven’t blogged much about our puppy, aka the Fat Furry Slug (FFS).

FFS is beautiful and not as fat as she was. She is full of beans, and we’ve had to puppy proof everything downstairs (for example, she chewed through the telephone cable a few days […]

DRC 2008

Domaine de la Romanee-Conti is one of the world’s greatest wine domains. It’s thrilling wines are scarily expensive – but even if you can afford them, the real issue is getting hold of them.

Fortunately, each year Corney & Barrow – who have exclusivity of these wines in the UK – put on a tasting for […]

South Kensington, Etna and Fleurie

It’s a weird thing, but I often find myself returning to places in London in rapid succession. For example, I hadn’t been in South Kensington for ages until last night; I found myself there again, today.

I took younger son – currently on an extended involuntary leave of absence from school – to the Natural History […]

Batailley vertical at The Sampler

Just on my way back from a brilliant vertical tasting of Château Batailley, the fourth-growth Pauillac producer with a reputation for making elegant, typical wines.

It was held at The Sampler’s South Kensington shop. This was the first time I’d been to this new incarnation of The Sampler, and it is well located at the back […]

Another great Kiwi Chardonnay: Kumeu River Mate's Vineyard

Following on from the spectacular Dog Point Chardonnay I reviewed a few days ago, here’s another superb New Zealand Chardonnay. It’s from Chardonnay experts Kumeu River in west Auckland.

Kumeu River Maté’s Vineyard Chardonnay 2008 Kumeu, Auckland, New Zealand
13.5% alcohol. Taut, intense, citrussy nose with toast and herb notes. Very tight-wound with real focus. The palate […]

Closures: Diam's guarantee, and new from Nomacorc

Haven’t mentioned the juicy subject of wine bottle closures around here for a while.

I’m seeing more and more Diams – the technical cork that’s made from fragments of cork cleaned from any contamination by supercritical carbon dioxide. In a new move, I’ve encountered my first Diam (in a Bordeaux white) that guarantees on the cork […]

Sensational Kiwi Chardonnay - Dog Point

Occasionally I taste a wine that takes me totally by surprise. Coming from celebrated Marlborough producer Dog Point, I was expecting this Chardonnay to be good. But not anywhere near this good.

Dog Point Chardonnay 2008 Marlborough, New Zealand
14.5% alcohol. Complex, beguiling, minerally, nutty, flinty nose with some richness but also lovely freshness. Concentrated, powerful palate […]

Peter Lehmann Wigan Riesling

Traditional Australian dry Riesling is quite unique. It’s very different from Riesling grown elsewhere, and it’s remarkably consistent. I know there are supposed to be regional differences between wines from the two top regions – Clare and Eden Valley – but I’m not sure I’d pick them blind. Here’s a really good example of an […]