Wonderful natural Beaujolais: G. Descombes Regnie

Georges Descombes is one of the band of natural wine guys currently active in Beaujolais. The natural Beaujolais wines like this are by far the most interesting expressions of Beaujolais, and are in the same league of interest as serious Burgundies, in my opinion. Descombes works without sulfur dioxide during vinification (there’s a nice report […]

Snow, puppy and Port

From all the fuss, you’d imagine we’d never seen snow before in the UK. But for each of the last three winters, we’ve had a good dose of the white stuff. And as long as you haven’t got to get anywhere, or do any work, it’s a nice distraction. Quite seasonal too.

Unfortunately, Fiona had to […]

Oh dear - awful videos promoting natural cork

As if the recent James Suckling dot com teaser videos weren’t bad enough, now we have two more horrors. They are two rather awful videos supporting natural cork. A strange, rather dated brand of ‘humour’ is the vehicle preferred to get the message that natural corks are good for the environment across to consumers. Am […]

Photos: my flickr feed

Flickr feed is a nifty tool that presents a slideshow of recently uploaded pictures. Here’s mine:

Another remarkable Chilean vineyard: Tabali's Talinay, in Limari

A short film of another remarkable Chilean vineyard. This time we are in the Limari region, visiting Vina Tabali’s new Talinay vineyard. It’s not far from the coast, so it is a cool, windy site. But its most unusual feature is that it is limestone, which is rare in Chile. The Sauvignon and Pinot Noir […]

Marcillac: an affordable wine to fall in love with

Forget points. Forget shopping-list tasting notes. Forget wine tasting as a ‘competition’ to see which wine is best.

The endorsement I will give this wine is that I love it. Each vintage I have tried has had the same personality. It’s the personality of a particular grape variety grown in particular soils.

It’s bloody, ferrous, meaty and […]


I’m strongly drawn to lesser-known grape varieties like Schioppettino, both for the wines they produce, and also for the fact that they tend to be restricted to certain localities. This is a delicious wine from a variety that very nearly became extinct in the 1960s – apparently it was down to just a few hundred […]

A little, fat, furry slug - now a week old

Forgive the non-wine related indulgence of a post on our little sluggy – RTL’s singleton pup.

She’s now a week old, and doing very well. Soon she will open her eyes, and in a while will be entering her peak phase of cuteness. We aren’t sure whether or not we are willing to become a two […]

Video: Vina Falernia's spectacular Huerta high-altitude vineyard, Elqui, Chile

In last week’s Chile trip we were lucky to see some incredible vineyards. One of the most spectacular was Vina Falernia’s high altitude Huanta vineyard, at 2000 m. It’s practically in the Andes, at the end of the Elqui Valley, and has some incredible old Pedro Ximenez and Muscat vines. Vina Falernia are planning to […]

Greywacke, the aromatics - exciting new wines from New Zealand

A few weeks back I reported on the lovely Greywacke Sauvignon Blanc, from Kevin Judd. Now I’ve had the chance to taste his ‘aromatics’: the term used in New Zealand to describe Riesling, Pinot Gris and Gewurztraminer.

Greywacke Riesling 2009 Marlborough, New Zealand
11.5% alcohol. From a single vineyard site in Fairhall. Delicate, fine, aromatic nose of […]